Heat insulation coatingsare high-performance, water-based coatings which are designed to insulate, seal, restore and protect roof surfaces. It has been designed to give relief from the summer heat. Its application reduces roof temperature and correspondingly reduces room temperature. Roof temperatures are reduced up to 20oC depending on the material of the roof.

Nature of problem:

The majority of industrial sheds and warehouses have non insulated GI sheets as roofing. As a standard installation method these roofing sheets are fixed with J bolts and nuts. Due to the harsh climate and weather conditions the risk is high, that sheet joints may get rusted and the fixation holes get widened. These joints and holes can be the root cause of water leakages in GI sheet roofs, even if sealants are used to seal and tighten the bolts. These steel sheets are excellent thermal conductors which absorb and store the heat from the atmosphere. When the GI sheets emits or radiate the stored heat, this cause huge thermal comfort for the occupants working inside the building.