Do new bathrooms require waterproofing? Yes, they do! The Bathroom area is exposed to water every day and thus, waterproofing bathroom floors are a must. During construction, if waterproofing of bathrooms and toilets is missed out, you can expect a disaster. And by that we mean, you’d end up shelling out money. Because repairing leakages is a tiresome process which involves huge costs.

Nature of problem:

A bathroom that is not waterproofed will allow water to seep through its parts leading to discoloration, peeling of the paints on the wall. When there is a crack on your wall, floor, or gaps in between the walls and bath, water starts to penetrate and in no time will cause dampness in walls, ceilings or on the floor beneath.Dampness, water leaks and condensation can cause major structural damage to your newly designed bathroom.