Movement joints are designed to relieve or absorb anticipated movement between structural elements, which are generally caused by thermal expansion/contraction, settlement, load transfer, dead loads and at times even seismic activity.

Nature of problem:

While joints play a vital role in fortifying concrete structures, they represent the most vulnerable part of the structure from a waterproofing perspective. Without an effective joint waterproofing system it’s not a matter of if a joint will leak, but when.
A leaking concrete joint is more than simply a costly inconvenience. In the case of residential or commercial structures, incoming water or moisture can lead to the growth of mold or fungus. A leak in a concrete water tank can contaminate potable water or facilitate the escape of waterborne contaminants into the surrounding environment. Incoming water or contaminants can corrode steel reinforcement, jeopardize structural safety and shorten the lifetime of a concrete structure.